Selection Process

Process Flow of MedScapeIndia Awards 2017

  •  A candidate list will be prepared by MedScapeIndia for the different categories of awards for the year.
  • This candidate list will be made live on the MedScapeIndia Awards website.
  •  Nominations for candidates to win the MedScapeIndia Award in their respective category will be taken by online nominations through the MedScapeIndia Awards website.
  • The stages of online nominations are as follows:
    • Preliminary Round
      This is will be the initial stage where the public will nominate and vote for the candidate they feel deserves to win the award in the said category. The nominations will be considered, through the public by logging into the MedScapeIndia website and choosing their candidate. The tallying of votes per candidate will be validated by IRRAdvisory – A Fitch Group Company.
    • Secondary Round
      This will be the second stage for nomination process for the MedScapeIndia Awards. Candidates will be ranked according to the number of nominations they have received. The list of the top fifteen candidates who are leading in nominations will go on to the next round for the final decision making stage. These top four candidates will be displayed on the MedScapeIndia website, so the public can see the results of the Preliminary and Secondary Nomination Process.
    • Final Round
      The list of the top five candidate nominees from the Secondary nomination process will be then provided to the jury board, who will then decide which candidate will be the winner in the said category.
  • The candidates who win the award will be notified by MedScapeIndia by issuing a letter of invitation to the award program and a letter stating the award they have won.

Note: Candidates are selected based on their contribution and excellence in the field of Medicine and healthcare. To simplify the process MedScapeIndia has already shortlisted the list of candidates by a point system before proceeding to the preliminary stage of nominations.

Concept to select candidates for MedScapeIndia Awards

Since the MedScapeIndia Awards follows a peer assessment process, MedScapeIndia looks into the following parameters to best ascertain, the right deserving candidates.

  •  Contribution to primary healthcare concerns in India and Overseas.
  •  Contribution to healthcare infrastructure in rural India.
  •  Nationally unique achievement.
  • Contribution to the economically weaker section.
  •  Innovation in healthcare as per respective field.
  •  Involvement in healthcare development.
  •  Leadership and innovation in their field
  •  Research /publication/rural health/social cause.