Healthcare for all by 2030.

  1. MedscapeIndia represents not just doctors but also the medical education and pharmaceutical fraternity. That sets it apart from any other body in India. It’s a collective 360 degree approach in improving the social and physical environments of medicine in India.
  2. MedscapeIndia aims to protect the right to natural health against the global interests of the antibiotics-brigade which could be causing more harm than good.
  3. MedscapeIndia aims to conduct relevant surveys and provide inputs to budgetary allocations for healthcare at the state level initially. This will help address priorities that need to be put in place.
  4. Government formation of policy is reactive. The AMRI fire made the government re-visit fire safety norms. While it is very important to react appropriately to calamities, MedscapeIndia will launch an online service where patients can write in with service and treatment problems that they faced at hospitals and collate this into a proactive action report for the authorities. With this feedback program, MedscapeIndia aims to identify the roadblocks encountered in implementation of health policies can be overcome by direct involvement of the community, provide guidance on practical issues.
  5. Another initiative of MedscapeIndia is the The MedscapeIndia Awards, to recognize talent, outstanding achievement & excellence in medicine to stimulate people to work better in their field.
  6. Medical students will be provided a special hotline to a panel of experts on MedscapeIndia to ask their queries regarding their course work or practical problems they face.
  7. MedscapeIndia seeks to rebuild the rapport between the patient and the doctor, which is fast being eroded by the rampant distrust and corruption prevalent in society.
  8. MedscapeIndia aims to encourage doctors to contribute to the process of research and development by creating a shared bank of knowledge accessible to young scientists and the R&D community.
  9. MedscapeIndia aims to be a credible source of FAQs for the public at large to dispel common myths and ensure that patients receive the right guidance on symptoms, drugs etc.
  10. MedscapeIndia aims to identify redundant laws pertaining to the fraternity and make a pitch to alter modify and improve the legislation governing the same, taking cognizance of ground realities.