1. Who Can Nominate?

    • Nominations will be accepted from consultant, PR companies or other organization.
    • An individual can nominate any number of individuals for consideration.

2. What are the guidelines for Nomination ?

    • The Organizing Committee welcomes nominations for all the 21 Awards categories
    • Nomination is done by filling out and submitting the online nomination form
    • An individual /organization may compete in one category.
    • Only one nomination per individual/organization per category will be considered.
    • Nominations must come from the Maharashtra region to be considered.
    • Judges of this year cannot be nominated.
    • Nominees whose executives sit on the judges’ panel are also not eligible for the awards.

3. What are the details regarding the Awards Ceremony. ?

    • The awards ceremony will take place on.
    • Participation is by invitation or pre-registration only.
    • Entry to event premises is exclusive to participants with official invitation cards. Invitation cards may be collected from the following address
    • As high turnout is expected, participants are encouraged to come to the event on time.
      The invitation card is non-transferable.
    • Participants are expected to present invitation cards on arrival at the main entrance of the venue and whenever they are requested to do so.
    • The staff of the MedscapeIndia Awards Institute will be on hand to assist participants in locating their respective seats.
    • Participants are requested to remain seated and refrain from loud discussions during the awards ceremony.
    • As a courtesy to all in attendance, guests are requested to switch off their mobile phones during the awards ceremony.
    • Smoking is strictly not allowed within the event premises.
    • Reservation may be done by filling out the online registration form.
    • A written notice at least 7 days prior to the event is requested in case of cancellation of reservations

4. What supporting documents required for the Nominations ?

Each nomination shall be supported by proper documents such as the following:

    • Organization or professional profiles
    • Special projects undertaken and program/project reports
    • Business reports
    • Product reports
    • Industry recommendations
    • Appreciation letters, certificates, past awards, and others
    • Supporting materials may be submitted in print or electronic format (i.e. DVD, CD, USB Flash Disk, etc.)
    • Copies of original documents will not be returned after the nomination process is over.
    • Two Recent Photograph.
    • Address Proof

5. What are details concerning the Jury and the process ?

    • Winners will be decided by a panel of judges through rigorous evaluation process.
    • The judges’ panel will be comprised of national and regional medical industry experts and leaders.
    • The decision of the judges’ panel is final and executor.
    • The winners of the MedscapeIndia Awards will be announced and honoured at an awards ceremony on in Mumbai India
    • Public, doctors, celebrities, medical college head and health organizations will be invited to attend the awards ceremony
    • Following the awards ceremony, the results will be featured in the official website of the Institute and selected media.

6. The award ceremony will be attended by:

Doctors, Presidents from various Medical as well as paramedical branch, Film Celebrity, Politician, Bureaucrats Government Officials, Diplomats, CEO’s, Senior Executives, Women Professionals, Business Group, Media, Industrialist etc.
Dress Code.Formal / National Dress.Attendance. By invitation and online registration only.


7. Invitation or Passes may be collected from:

Aryan Hospital & Medical Centre.

For more information Email at :