Nominations Criteria

Since the MSI Awards follow a peer-assessment process, evidence to the following will add weight to your nomination.
Contribution to research: Trials
Published Studies – National, International/Editorial board.

  1. Contribution to Training & Education.
  2. Treatment: Innovations/Catered population/Propagation of specific moralities.
  3. Social contribution: Disaster/Economically weaker section/NGO/Social work.
  4. Qualification: Fellowships/Training in sub-specialties.
  5. Other Awards / Honours received from recognised councils/bodies.
  6. Being nominated/ invited to represent India at international recognised seminars.
  7. Communication skills / Leadership qualities.
  8. Contribution to primary healthcare concerns.
  9. Contribution to healthcare infrastructure in rural India.
  10. Nationally Unique Achievement.
  11. No of soul contributions for organizing mega event.
  12. Unique experience or critical incident in your career that you managed aptly.
  13. Why you believe that you deserve this award.
  14. If you are given opportunity to change health system in India what you would like to and how ?
  15. Any new technique / instrument invention in your field.
  16. Roll model activity for fellow /organization.