The Concept

Welcome to The MedscapeIndia Awards.

The MedscapeIndia was established as a “foundation pursuing a socio-scientific aim” in the year 2010.MedscapeIndia is initiative of Aryan medical & educational trust.

The MedscapeIndia has an express intent to unify the medical & healthcare community on causes common and dear to their larger goals. It has the support of presidents from various organizations includes Maharashtra Medical Council, Maharashtra State Homeopathic Council, Maharashtra State Dental Council, Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies, Neurological Society of India, Association of Pharmaceutical, Indian Dental Association, Indian Association of Physiotherapists, Indian Dental Association, Orthopedic Society, to come together that ensures fair representation. The MedscapeIndia National Award which is honoring excellence, focusing merits, rewarding best practices & recognizing outstanding contribution has been instituted by the Aryan Medical & Educational Trust to celebrate the grit and contribution of visionaries, both individuals and organizations, who tirelessly work in medical healthcare to heal, renew and better the lives of thousands of Indians ..

It is a unique, independent non-profit organization that serves as a platform that unites doctors for discussion and debate on relevant subjects. Ethical guidelines need to be evolved around sensitive subjects such as doctors’ communication with patients,research, rural health, pharma-industry sponsored continued medical education (CME), female foeticide, new regulations for fire-safety and many more.

Dr. Sunita Dube is the Chairperson of The MedscapeIndia has initiated and devoted her time in garnering support and generating academic debate for the same.